Rachel completes workshop at The Writer’s Studio

Photo by fotografierende from Pexels

The winter ’20-’21 Level 1 Writer’s Studio Workshop comes to a close On 22 March 2021, Rachel Critelli completed the Level 1 Workshop for fiction and poetry writers at The Writer’s Studio, instructed by Sean Sutherland. The workshop material focused on both crafting narrative voices, and analyzing fiction and poetry to understand elements of the… Continue reading Rachel completes workshop at The Writer’s Studio

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Successful Trip to Shanghai

A lovely trip to Shanghai! The weather was warm and the skies were blue. Planes, trains and automobiles took me all over the Shanghai and Jiangsu area with amazing speed and ease. I feel so grateful to everyone who took the time to meet with me talk with me—such precious little time was well spent together!

2nd Place in NCNCA Women Cat 4 Series

I’m very proud to receive 2nd place in the Women Category 4 Northern California Nevada Cycling Association in 2016. Many thanks to NCNCA for supporting all of these races and for this awesome prize of a trophy and $25 cash!