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Movie Review – The Great Wall

China Panders to US Audiences with Wanna-Be Blockbuster, The Great Wall

The Great Wall Poster

I was first introduced to the movie, The Great Wall, from the advertisements being dragged around San Francisco on Muni buses where I looked on in horror at the anglo face of Matt Damon at the front and center of the advertisement for this obviously Chinese film. I braced myself for a white-savior monstrosity, but morbid curiosity nonetheless spurred me on to gather my friends for a trip downtown to the AMC Theaters on Van Ness. Spoilers ahead.

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What Would A Robot Say if It Could Write?

Southern Metropolis Daily Newspaper’s Robot Reporter Goes Live

Southern Metropolis Daily's Robot Reporter, Little Nan

Southern Metropolis Daily’s Robot Reporter, Little Nan. The “ND” in it’s eye screen is short for “Nandu,” the Chinese name for Southern Metropolis.

Recently, I’ve heard of self-driving cars and even automated pizza, but the last thing I expected to see was automated writing. Perspective, interaction, and a human touch are indispensable tools during my own writing process, so when I heard about Little Nan, the robot reporter from Southern Metropolis Daily, I scrambled to get a look for myself. Continue reading

Concerning News about China Clinical Drug Trials

Chinese Pharmacist

My colleagues and I were dumbstruck with this headline from Science Alert: 80% of Data in Chinese Clinical Trials Have Been Fabricated.

This information is deeply disturbing on so many levels. For one, having clients in the medical field, I know just how important clinical trials are–without them, we are all dead in the water. Secondly, as a Chinese translator and someone with a great many friends in China, it is truly saddening to hear that they may unknowingly be taking ineffective or even dangerous drugs.

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Global Times Translation – Opinion: Listen Up, Trump – The One China Policy Cannot be Bought or Sold

On December 2nd, President-elect Trump held a historic phone call with the President of rouge Chinese province, Taiwan, violating the decades old “one China” policy.

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Successful Trip to Shanghai

A lovely trip to Shanghai! The weather was warm and the skies were blue. Planes, trains and automobiles took me all over the Shanghai and Jiangsu area with amazing speed and ease. I feel so grateful to everyone who took the time to meet with me talk with me—such precious little time was well spent together!

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