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“Nature is trying to kill us!”

Ever hear the old adage, “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger?” Have you ever thought to yourself that it’s okay to get sick, because it will just make your immune system stronger? Sorry to break the news to you, that is just not true! Learn more about why in my article for the NCTA’s Translorial publication.

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Updated HIPAA Certification

It seems like in the world of healthcare interpreting, there are so many certifications and trainings to keep up on. Not only do our language kills need to be sharp, we also have to know our interpreting skills like the back of our hands. If that wasn’t enough, members of the healthcare team must also be trained in many aspects of the healthcare environment. I was so glad to check¬†HIPAA¬†certification off my list this week. Is this a training that you could benefit from as well?

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Healthcare interpreters will gasp at this movie trailer

Healthcare interpreters who watch this movie trailer will INSTANTLY be reminded of the ethical decision-making that they must face in their profession. Continue reading

Starting a summer class in healthcare interpreting at CCSF this week

I am very excited to begin a new class with Gayle Tang in the Healthcare Interpreting Program at City College of San Francisco this week. Continue reading

Bike Share in China

As a competitive cyclist myself, I am always interested in bicycle news from at home or abroad, so this piece on bike share in China caught my eye. When I was in Shanghai last November, I saw a great number of these bikes around the city and marveled at their novel design as well as their overwhelming popularity. So popular in fact that they’ve become somewhat of a nuisance around town. Continue reading