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2nd Place in NCNCA Women Cat 4 Series

I’m very proud to receive 2nd place in the Women Category 4 Northern California Nevada Cycling Association in 2016. Many thanks to NCNCA for supporting all of these races and for this awesome prize of a trophy and $25 cash! Continue reading

November 2016: Upcoming Trip to Shanghai

I’m very excited to announce that I will be traveling to Shanghai this November! It’s been since all the way back in February that I was last able to play on the Mainland, so I’m deciding to take a winter interlude and skip over to the other side of the pond.  I’m scheduled to arrive in Shanghai Pudong Airport on November 16th local time, at which the MagLev will whisk me over magnetized rails into to the buzzing metropolis. Continue reading

Interested in China? Read These Books.

The spirit doesn’t always strike me, but lately I’ve been feeling focused enough to read. I think I was getting burnt out on Victorian novels after finishing Jane Eyre, and Frankenstein just couldn’t hold my attention. I needed something a little bit more pertinent to my professional focus—namely, books about China.

I went to my local library and was pleasantly surprised by the goldmine of books that awaited in the China section. Here is just a quick list that I’ve been enjoying lately. Continue reading

What Kathy Chen’s Appointment to GCN Director Means for Chinese Twitter

On Friday, Twitter appointed Kathy Chen as the new Director of Greater China, inciting widespread protest among overseas and domestic Chinese Twitter users. They fear that Communist Party member Chen will enforce Weibo style censorship on their tweets, endanger their personal information, and ruin the safe haven of free speech that they’ve found in the US-based social media outlet.

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Returning to Kunming

Green Lake at KunmingAfter winding our way through the paths traversing the Green Lake, all eleven of us arrived at a beautiful Qing Dynasty structure for dinner. We stepped over the wooden threshold and into the maze of progressively larger and more ornate rooms to the center courtyard and up the stairs to the room of honor. It had been so long.

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