“Nature is trying to kill us!”

Ever hear the old adage, “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger?” Have you ever thought to yourself that it’s okay to get sick, because it will just make your immune system stronger? Sorry to break the news to you, that is just not true! Learn more about why in my article for the NCTA’s Translorial publication.

Rachel Critelli writes a column for the NCTA’s The Translorial

I recently wrote a column in the Fall 2019 edition of the Northern California Translator Association‘s quarterly publication, the Translorial. In my article, I summarize the main points of a recent professional development workshop called “Infection Control and Industrial Safety for Interpreters.” During the presentation, participants learned about the dangers of infectious agents, who might be the most vulnerable to infections, and how can healthcare interpreters can protect themselves. Here is a snippet of the article:

“The NCTA hosted Margarita Bekker for a lively presentation entitled ‘Infection Control and Industrial Safety for Interpreters’ as part of its Continuing Education workshop series. Bekker began by telling us if we learned nothing else from her presentation, we should remember this: ‘Nature is trying to kill us. Wash your hands and vaccinate your children.’ With that rousing introduction, we started right in.”

Read the full article on the Translorial’s website!