Ride-Hailing Didi Chuxing App Available in The States with Awesome Features

Didi Chuxing, a popular Chinese taxi service is available in 200 US cities now, thanks to a partnership with American on-demand car-hailing app, Lyft. It’s got some really impressive features that help visitors from China bridge language and cultural barriers while traveling. Continue reading

Returning to Kunming

Green Lake at KunmingAfter winding our way through the paths traversing the Green Lake, all eleven of us arrived at a beautiful Qing Dynasty structure for dinner. We stepped over the wooden threshold and into the maze of progressively larger and more ornate rooms to the center courtyard and up the stairs to the room of honor. It had been so long.

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Do you speak Cantonese? Yes and no…

San Francisco has a rich history of Chinese American culture, and Cantonese is a commonly spoken language here. Because Cantonese is so ubiquitous in the Bay Area, many people assume that it is one of just a few Chinese dialects. But in fact, China is estimated to be home to anywhere from eight and 200 distinct dialects. 

For simplicity’s sake, I often tell people that I speak Chinese. Those who are savvy might ask me if I speak Mandarin or Cantonese, and while technically I was trained to speak in Mandarin, things get interesting when we talk about writing. 

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Celebrate Chinese New Year 2016 in San Francisco

We are rapidly approaching Chinese New Year and I am very excited to usher in the Year of The Monkey. In order to ring in the new year, there will be numerous events around San Francisco, and I am looking forward to celebrating with my friends and colleagues. Here are some of my top pics.

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Senior Translator for WatchingAmerica

IWatching America Logo feel so grateful to have been offered a position as a Senior Translator for WatchingAmerica. This website is a goldmine of international news articles in translation, allowing English speakers to “discover what the world thinks of the US.”

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