Here are some of the things that I do best:

My services center around Chinese-English communication. 

  • Translate Chinese documents into English
  • Write articles in English for your website
  • Edit college papers for spelling, grammar, and style
  • Interpret in Chinese and English
  • Teach language lessons in Chinese and English

So what can I help you with?

Document Translation

Let me translate your Chinese document into English. When you receive the final product, you’ll get a document that is error-free, stylistically representative of the source text, and reads like a natively written document. The definition of translation–it will be the same as the original text, just in English. 

I specialize in translating the following types of documents:

  • Online media: Social media and blog posts
  • Legal documents: real estate contracts, marriage and birth certificates
  • News: politics, opinion, and sports
  • Medicine: medical documents, clinical studies
  • Academic: College papers, scholarly journals articles

Want to see some samples of my translations? Please visit my professional portfolio.

Content Creation and writing

I help web-based entrepreneurs create unique and engaging online content. I love to write articles about:

  • China: Travel, language, culture, politics
  • News: international politics, history, US-Sino Relations, sports
  • Health and Wellness: Environment, nutrition, fitness


Hey, college students, this one is for you. I can proofread you class papers for spelling, grammar, usage, and style. I will work with you to make changes and help your work shine so that you can focus on the important thing: learning your course content.


When you arrive in the United States, you might need a little help navigating infrastructure and communicating with local people. Eliminate the hassle of a language barrier and have a native English speaker help you get things done faster. I will accompany you to your location, interpret, and facilitate cross-cultural understanding in English or Chinese, depending on your first language.

I can be your interpreter and together, accomplishing tasks will be a breeze:

  • Bank Accounts
  • Health Insurance, Home Insurance, Life Insurance
  • Social Security
  • Travel Accommodations
  • Rent and housing search
  • Telecommunications



I can provide after school classes for your child where they will get support in learning Chinese or English as a second language. I can teach a course independently or in conjunction with their school instruction. Your son or daughter will enjoy a safe and engaging learning experience where they can make progress towards their language goals.


Many adventurous travelers want to experience The Middle Kingdom, but they are afraid of getting lost or of being misunderstood. On top of that, people often tell me that Chinese is impossible to learn because it is one of the most complex languages on earth.

I can tell you from personal experience that it is not impossible to learn because I’ve done it myself! If you arm yourself with some basic knowledge before your trip, you will feel confident while traveling, have an enhanced in-country experience, and can avoid any misunderstandings along the way.